UFOU Story
25th Furniture China 2019

UPON sit-to-stand desk is a user-friendly and adaptable companion for learning to working needs. It moves intuitively through a unique game console a-like controller, by which users can adjust UPON in 3-dimensional adjustment.

RONDE is designed for maximum support for the child with the right seat depth as they grow up. It allows users to adjust the seating depth by rotating its oval-shaped back, which is an impressive and fun way for children.

HELIX is designed to cleverly compartmentalize easily to reach everyday use items or store them sort based on categories. It could be a bedside in the bedroom or a side storage table in the living room.

ROLLIN tambour door design enables you to quickly access and locates the storage content not only from the front but as well as both sides. It makes it perfect to keep things organized.