UFOU Story
21st CBME
With limited space comes spatial challenges for the family of 3 to an allocated dedicated room for studying. Nowadays bedrooms are so compact with no space suitable for proper studying area. Therefore we created this space to demonstrate even a small living room could fit in an auxiliary study area. We transform a living room into a semi-open and family-friendly area.

UPON desk is fitted with a “ROKA” bookshelf to increase stored capacity for easy-to-reach books and items, pairing with our “RONDE” children’s chair. Learning has never been so comfortable and suited for children and where parents can stay close by to offer guidance when needed. The Living room becomes the focal space for learning and gathering for the whole family.

UPON MINI sit-to-stand desk debut was made in this CMBE. It comes with fully dual electric motorized height adjustment, ranging from 65cm to 130cm suitable for children to adults from sitting on the floor to standing while working for adults. Couple with manual tilting and space-saving fold away design allowing users to adjust the tilting angles from 0 - 90 degrees suited for different needs. Not to men-tion the various options of accessories from RAKO to KYBER (Monitor arm) suit for both children and adults. 

Making UPON MINI the most compact and versatile desk in our current UPON range desk.