In discovery, we love life
In a corner of the woods, a space built with raw materials and
decorated in simple colors articulates his attitude towards life,
as well as his bold, easy-going and unrestrained way of living.
His daily reading time is spent with the UPON table.
Occasionally when inspired by the beauty of nature,
he likes to lift the table, recline it by 35°, and start to paint.
With feet on a soft mat and music flowing on the breeze from the forest,
he enjoys another pleasant afternoon.
He likes everything to be in order.
He likes to put his books in the ROLLIN cabinet,
which can be accessed immediately with just one pull.
Next to the work area is his living room without
any blockage or partition. When friends come to visit,
they can always enjoy soft drinks and beer on the HELIX
cabinet next to the TV set. No matter how hard life is,
the soft sofa and warm fireplace are enough to repel all their troubles.
In exploration, we love life
Returning to originality leads to a larger world.

In discovery, we love life...
In design, we describe life...
In play, we enjoy life...