UFOU is a team that loves to explore and have fun with an attitude that embraces "future, realism and warmth”. We capture the ever-changing interaction between people and space from a “futuristic” perspective; inject avant garde design into every detail with a sense of "realism"; and craft practical products with "warmth" to meet customers’ emotional demands.
We are sincere, inspirational and creative. We create beauty, base product design on aesthetic experiences, and adapt products to continuous iteration and upgrade. We challenge conventions and frameworks, shed light on materials, structures, and software technologies, and engage them in functional evolution. We value people, respect everyone's use needs and emotional demands, and lead them to a comfortable lifestyle.

Supply Chain

Going beyond a designer team, UFOU also provides holistic production and marketing solutions. With multiple complete and thorough supply chains related to metal, plastic, loose furniture and wood, UFOU is able to support brands for independent research and development, allowing them to gain control over production and service delivery and ensure superior quality.


UFOU respects the environment and sees environmental protection as its obligation. Therefore, every step in the life cycle of a product from design, manufacturing, to delivery is monitored and managed. UFOU cares about the impact of products on humans and the environment, so from raw material surveying, to energy consumption and surplus material disposal, we keep exploring and practicing innovation-driven sustainability.

Enterprise honor

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